• Hail & Wind damage insurance claims for eavestrough and downspouts will be included in your roof and/or siding claim
  • We will process this as part of those claims
  • Please see “Roof” and “Siding” pages for details


  • Aluminum has been used almost exclusively in new homes and replacement for the past 25 years
  • Aluminum SFED is maintenance-free and is available in standard colours by most manufacturers


  • These go together – usually if one is wood the other will be too – if one is gone, the other is not far behind – replace both at the same time


  • – Wood soffit and fascia need extremely high maintenance to keep from rotting away – they are exposed to the elements and are susceptible to water damage – water gets around these old wood products and will damage your underlying roof and siding causing much more damage than the cost of simply upgrading these to aluminum is worth
  • Soffits are installed under the roof over-hang and new aluminum soffits come standard with ventilating holes – like a mesh – to provide inlet air into your attic
  • Aluminum Soffits are also sealed from bugs, birds and animals – unlike wood which bugs, birds and animals love to chew through make their homes in – that means they will live in your attic – none of this is good for your home
  • New Soffits are maintenance-free and last a life-time
  • Good professional installation is important – Installed poorly, soffits will cause endless grief – our installers do it right first time everytime – don’t compromise
  • Replacing old wood soffits or old vinyl soffits is highly advisable
  • Old wood soffits have limited and/or clogged ventilation, sag and rot over time, need high-maintenance and painting and generally detract from your home’s value for the reasons stated above – nobody wants high-maintenance wood soffits and fascia to deal with –new aluminum soffits and fascia will also enhance the quality of your life that you used to spend painting and maintaining your wood soffit
  • Old vinyl is a particularly poor soffit material and not used much anymore and not recommended – it sags and generally looks not great – replacing vinyl with modern aluminum is advisable and will add value to your home – it will also enhance the quality of your life that you used to spend fixing your vinyl soffit (see wood soffit “quality of life enhancement”)


  • Think of these as water control devices because that’s what they really are
  • These either work right or are a cause of constant pain for homeowners
  • Poorly designed and/or installed eaves and downspouts can cause backflow problems into your roofing shingles, behind your fascia and into your attic and under your soffit plus snow and ice problems in winter – none of these is desirable and will cause damage to your home and property
  • Believe it or not – proper design of this seemingly simple water control system is important – anyone with water overflowing eavestroughs or downspouts or constant icing on your roof in winter will attest to the importance of good eavestrough design – if it works right, you’ll never think about it – if it doesn’t you’ll never forget it
  • Eavestroughs that drip during rain are another source of frustration – eaves should not drip a single drop – we make sure they don’t
  • Eavestroughs and downspouts are really important to direct water properly off your roof and down to the ground away from your house
  • Good quality product is important – Get “5in Seamless Eavestroughs” for trouble-free water control


  • Soffits and Fascia, Eavestroughs and Downspouts – each of these duos should be thought of as a package and done together
  • SFEDs are actually one of the cheapest products on your home and done once and done right with quality product will last a lifetime – will end your grief – will protect your home – will add to your home’s value – it’s not worth compromising on as it’s a one time installation forever


  • Hail is the single biggest problem for eavestroughs and downspouts and sometimes fascia – if you have hail damage on your roof you’ll almost certainly have damage on a portion of your eaves and downspouts
  • When dealing with roof claims we’ll make sure you include eaves and downspouts


  • As noted above we’ll make sure hail coverage for eaves and downspouts are included in any claim
  • Cost for this is a small fraction of the total of your insurable claim – we’ll make sure you don’t miss it
  • SFEDs are easily missed items on your claim – don’t count on your appraiser to catch all the damaged eaves and downspouts
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