(See “Hail & Wind” Services below)
  • Most original “Builder-Grade*” Shingle Roofs last 15 to 20 years (*PLEASE NOTE: The Replacement Roof Shingle product we install on your home will far exceed original “Builder-Grade” product. Builders buy their roofing product in bulk at discount prices – standard practice – price being the main factor – and are typically low-grade 15 year shingles. The shingles we install for you are quality Brand Name products and are rated 25 year to 50 year and available options include “Hail” and “Wind” ratings)
  • If your roof is 15 to 20 years old and you’re wondering if it’s time to have a look at it, simply give us a call – we’ll inspect your roof and we’ll let you know whether it is time for replacement or not
  • Slight “Curling” is a common early sign your roof has reached replacement time
  • Shingle debris in your eavestrough or on the ground below your downspout is another indicator that your roof might be reaching it’s maximum useful lifetime
  • If you have a few years of life left in your roof, we’ll tell you

If you think your roof is starting to show signs it might need attention

Call Us at 403-560-8015 – we’re here to help
  • We’ll inspect your roof
  • We’ll provide you with our Free Report
  • We’ll provide you with our Free Written Estimate
  • And if you decide to go ahead, we’ll prepare the paperwork and get you started usually within a few weeks
  • Roofing season in Calgary typically runs from April/May to November

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  • Calgary is well-known for the large number of hail and wind storms it gets every peak season – many of these storms cause serious damage to roofs, siding, windows, eaves and downspouts to homes in the region
  • Hail is often accompanied by high winds that drive hail into your home like a sand-blaster – it can strip paint and your shingles in minutes
  • The wind itself lifts shingles and can rip off whole roof sections
  • The wind can also lift and blow off vinyl siding – wind makes the sand-blasting effect of hail all the more damaging to your home(SEE “SIDING SERVICES”)
  • Hail can do amazing damage – we have seen everything – you can often see some hail damage from the street below – but looking up close standing on the roof you see the true extent
  • It is rare that you’ll find just one hail mark – if you have one, you will have lots
  • We have seen hail that has “penetrated” concrete roof tiling and clay roof tiling – leaving a 1 inch hole as evidence
  • Hail can penetrate shingles right through the plywood sheathing and create a hole into your attic – this is a serious compromising of your roof
  • Hail shatters your roofing vents and leaves pock-mark dents in your roof flashing
  • Hail (even small 1/2 inch hail) can sand-blast the important top layer of your shingles leaving your roof compromised
  • Hail Sand-blasting can reduce your roof from 25 years to less than 5 years or less in just a few minutes – that’s just the material blasted off the shingles – not counting any holes
  • When we inspect roofs for hail what we see will surprise most people – that’s why we take lots of pictures
  • Hail leaves a round mark like a dent about 2 inches across – like you hit it with a steel mallet
  • But that’s just the top layer
  • The real damage is below the top layer and that’s why an inspection requires checking carefully by lifting loose shingles – much of the damage is in the lower layers – you need to know what you’re looking for
  • Hail damage is like bruising on your skin – you bump your arm and you get a bruise but you know the cause of the bruise is damage below the skin – that’s how hail acts on shingles – It smacks the shingle and damages the lower layers – the top is damaged but below is even more damage
  • Hail loosens the shingle making it further susceptible to wind damage – that’s why cheap shingles fail – they are thin and flimsy to start and the hail loosens it and the wind does the rest – once the shingle has lifted, it is history – that shingle will be permanently damaged and must be replaced – it cannot be fixed – and where there’s one there’s more
  • Failed shingles will allow water, snow and ice to work up underneath and eventually cause damage to your sheathing (the core of your roof)
  • Hail usually damages the underlay – that’s the water-proof skin we put over the plywood sheathing – it is an important 2nd layer of protection for your roof – once it’s poked through by hail it will allow moisture to reach your plywood and wood does not like water – that’s what we want to avoid– if the underlay is penetrated you have now lost all protection from water


  • If a hail and / or wind storm hits your area and it sounds and feels serious, it probably is – BE SURE AND SAFE – Call us 403-560-8015
  • We’ll inspect your home for Hail and Wind Damage
  • We’ll take pictures of any damage
  • We’ll provide you with a Free Report
  • We’ll provide you with a Free Written Estimate
  • We’ll deal with your insurance company to make sure they know the extent of any damage
  • Many insurers will send their own appraisers to assess your home – their job is to try and minimize the insurer’s liability – that is not to your benefit – they might suggest your roof is “only” partly damage and will offer you a “percentage” covering the damaged areas only
  • It is true that often half or part of your roof will be damaged and the other half not – hail is directional so that makes sense
  • But you cannot repair half of a roof – it cannot be patched– you cannot replace one shingle here and there – you cannot repair damaged underlay or plywood without replacing the whole roof from scratch- a roof is all or nothing – it’s that simple
  • Natural fading also means colour matching new to existing shingles is impossible – doing half your roof will give it a checkerboard effect – that also affects your home value down the road
  • We’ll help you get a proper insurance claim to restore your home and it’s value
  • Your roof is your first line of defence against the elements – a leaky and unsecured roof will cause problems with the rest of your home – secure your roof
  • If you think you have Hail or Wind Damage – Call us at 403-560-8015 we’re here to help


(Applies to Both “Normal” and “Hail and Wind” Replacement)
  • For standard age-related roof replacement we proceed as soon as we have a signed agreement in place
  • For hail and wind related roof replacement we proceed as soon as your claim is processed
  • In cases where damage is extensive usually your insurance company may provide emergency start-up allowances – we’ll get in as soon as we have your go-ahead
  • We’ll provide you with your shingle colour and style options available
  • We’ll order the required product
  • We’ll decide on an agreed starting date and we’ll let you know how many days the project will take
  • We’ll arrange for product to be delivered to the site – depending on your roof pitch it will be loaded by crane directly on your roof or on the ground – this will include all material to complete your project
  • We’ll have a trailer or bin on site for demolition purposes
  • Our crew will arrive in the morning every day until the job is done
  • Most jobs take between 1 to 7 days – we’ll let you know what to expect
  • When we’re done we’ll do a complete clean-up
  • Our crew will remove all vehicles and equipment and we’re done
  • After we’re done we’lll arrange to see you to complete the paperwork the same or following day