• Most Calgary homes have vinyl, stucco, wood or stone (cultured stone or natural) – or a combination of the above
  • Vinyl can easily last 25 years or more with little maintenance and 40 years is not unheard of
  • Stucco can last 25 to 40 years or more – stucco very much depends on proper installation – poorly installed stucco can start falling apart in less than 5 years – older stucco from the 1960s and 1970s was actually a better product than the last 20 – 25 years
  • Wood installed properly can last 40 years and more – well-maintained with regular painting
  • Stone (natural or more-commonly, cultured-stone) is lifetime if properly installed – stone itself obviously can last a million years – it’s the mortar that’s the weak point – good mortar lasts a lifetime too – poor mortar will fall apart and compromise the entire stone siding on your home – poorly installed stone has 2 weaknesses – water seepage through cracks – and mortar falling apart – both will affect your home’s integrity
  • Vinyl is subject to hail and high-wind damage – same as roofs – and will usually need complete replacement if damaged – some wind can be popped back in – vinyl with holes from hail will need replacing
  • Vinyl that’s more than a couple of years old will be hard to colour match (fading and stock changes) – that’s why usually hail damage on one side requires the whole house to be re-sided
  • Stucco is also easily damaged by hail – especially from the 1990s on – installation and product quality being the main problems
  • Stucco window sills can be hail-damaged
  • Stucco that is already spalling (peeling-away or cracking) can be further damaged by hail
  • Wood siding can be “sand-blasted” by hail though actual penetration is rare – painting usually restores wood siding
  • Stone itself cannot damaged by hail directly butpoor original mortar-work can be hail-blasted and can crack and weaken as a resultand can cause loose stone-work – this will need to be inspected and repaired to prevent further damage
  • If you suspect damage from hail or wind on your home CALL US 403-560-8015 FOR FREE INSPECTION AND REPORT
  • We’ll inspect your siding
  • We’ll provide you with our Free Report
  • We’ll provide you with our Free Written Estimate
  • If necessary we’ll get started on replacing your siding as soon as possible

Free Estimates for All Your Roofing Needs

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  • If a hail and / or wind storm hits your area and it sounds and feels serious, it probably is – BE SURE AND SAFE – Call us 403-560-8015
  • We’ll inspect your home for Hail and Wind Damage
  • We’ll take pictures of any damage
  • We’ll provide you with a Free Report
  • We’ll provide you with a Free Written Estimate
  • We’ll deal with your insurance company to make sure they know the extent of any damage
  • Many insurers will send their own appraisers to assess your home – their job is to try and minimize the insurer’s liability – that is not to your benefit – they might suggest your siding is “only” partly damaged and will offer you a “percentage” covering the damaged areas only
  • It is true that often half or part of your siding will be damaged and the other half not – hail and wind is directional so that makes sense
  • But you cannot repair half of a siding easily – it cannot be patched– you cannot replace one piece of siding or section of stucco here and there – you cannot repair damaged underlay or plywood without replacing the whole siding from scratch- there exceptions which we can discuss
  • Natural fading also means colour matching new to existing siding is often impossible – doing half your siding will give it a checkerboard effect – that also affects your home value down the road
  • We’ll help you get a proper insurance claim to restore your home and it’s value
  • Your siding is your first line of defence against the elements – a leaky and unsecured siding will cause problems with the rest of your home – secure your siding
  • If you think you have Hail or Wind Damage – Call us at 403-560-8015 we’re here to help


(Applies to Both “Normal” and “Hail and Wind” Replacement)

Applies for Normal Replacement Only

  • For standard age-related siding replacement we proceed as soon as we have a signed agreement in place

Applies for Hail & Wind Replacement for Insurance Purposes Only (See “Our Siding Insurance Claim Services” above)

  • For hail and wind related siding replacement we proceed as soon as your claim is processed
  • In cases where damage is extensive your insurance company may provide emergency start-up allowances – we’ll get in as soon as we have your go-ahead

“Normal” and “Hail & Wind”Installation Procedures

  • Both “Normal” and “Hail & Wind” Installation Procedures are the same
  • We’ll provide you with your siding colour and style options available
  • We’ll order the required product
  • We’ll decide on an agreed starting date and we’ll let you know how many days the project will take
  • We’ll arrange for product to be delivered to the site on the ground – this will include all material to complete your project
  • We’ll have a trailer or bin on site for demolition purposes
  • Our crew will arrive in the morning every day until the job is done
  • Most jobs take between 1 to 7 days – we’ll let you know what to expect
  • When we’re done we’ll do a complete clean-up
  • Our crew will remove all vehicles and equipment and we’re done
  • After we’re done we’lll arrange to see you to complete the paperwork the same or following day